Online brands - Karma Strikes !

its often said that what goes around - comes around , a little while back  it was a mad rush of offline brands trying to get into the online bandwagon , now it seems online brands want to get offline , here's our reading of  the Why ?

 online space has  tried its best  bringing experience of buying using technology , however look , feel , touch are all still a gap Growth cant come only from discounting and burning internet advertising spends , growth  can also come from classical distribution expansion .Online has got stuck with discounting  with a number of consumer, its become a bargain world .do the Omni Channel act ,  offline PLUS online , why give away space to offline competition for some startups , a differentiation move to keep  investors happy and still interested 😉the offline space is  still the Giant Market Cake , so why not eat a piece of thiseveryone is doing it , why be left behind ! Technology advancement is still evolving , Smartphone and thus Apps are still not u…

Back with a Bang !

Its no surprise that a couple of old trends seem to be coming or already in fashion in a big way .It goes on to prove times might change human needs for some product / trends will not change we go with some trends that have come back with a bang , or atleast trying to come back with a bang 

Cycling, is "now the poor mans golf " and  is back with a bang ,  be it in commute , exercising , trekking , and for showing off too :) cycles in all forms shapes and prices are getting sold in large numbers and for all ages ..with increase fad towards greener world this market should get bigger .
check out some great online cycling websites , ,

Tailoring,getting one clothes stitched as per your body was an old process which went out of our world seems to be coming back with some interest levels ,maybe not as big as cycling ,its anyways back after the hibernation . Brands are getting on to it , check  this out  Levis tailor Shop       …

Awesome TVC's--Old & New !

Some awesome TV commercials collection  , hope you guys enjoy them !

Artificial Intelligence@ MarketZing

Image mentioned in an earlier post , the world around us is changing and changing fast , without us realising the intelligent softwares are taking over what our most important hardware , the brain used to do , that's to think ! 

like other domains , Marketing is getting or likely to get disrupted too , some off the disruption is already underway and surely some of us have interacted with Chatbots as an example to start with .

here is a quick update on some interesting stuff happening around AI and Marketing , some case studies , to showcase the endless possibilities/ disruptions  ahead 

How Albert Drove a Harley ::

aDgorithms has AI that want to take over entire advertising campaigns , Albert is the AI that interacts with marketeer and asks for info on campaign , desired outcome , TG , geography etc , and Albert takes over the rest , Harley Davidson has done a pilot with Albert in New York with some stunning results , which are a HBR case study now , please read  -…

Buy(A)namics - Why do we Buy ?

...its an ever interesting topic the dynamics of buying ! termed as B(u)ynamics 

Well fact remains that buying these days has no occasions like the good old times ,these days there are 365 days occasions , the festivals/holiday seasons etc  are just one reason for buying More and not the ONLY buying reason like in the past .

 So what makes us Buy or Buy MORE ! here is our take on B(u)ynamics !

others have it ! so will have I ::,classic one that would clearly elaborate this is the recent Iphone/ipad  phenomenon or the good old walkman , you need to be the in thing ! 

Social Shopping  ! thanks to the influence via social media , need creation has  suddenly become more easier , consumers are more educated and thus as an example the buying of Yoga Mats and Organic Oranges !

buying is like eating out !:: it happens at the spur of the moment and is completely unplanned these days unless there is a an important occasion like a wedding , travel ,monthly shopping etc .

Plastic money ,Apps & Paym…

Artificial ( intelligence ) Retail

The world around us is likely to change fast , and the new buzz words are machine learning , deep learning , artificial intelligence , the Machines are surely getting trained to do what Humans used to do , soon ;looks like the Human race will have to go back to Hunting again  ( LOL )  Retail will have its fair share off  influence using  the artificial intelligence platform , here are some interesting  pilots underway
Shirt via Photo  -- using  AI ,one will be able to stitch a shirt for  you , from a single photo upload that you have to do on a site -- Imagine the power of this on  ecommerce sites , the return rates should come down , read more about it here - BODYGRAM Https://
 The Video is Watching
   -- using advanced CCTV retailers are able to study time taken in each section , buying patterns of consumers  , and also of course keep an eye on shoplifting ! 
Gift for your Mom : This is a tool that retailers like are using to help consumers pick…

Leader As a Challenger !

Its been a while , thought off penning this down for ages , however the "will do later " feeling always was over bearing :) Here we go however ::

So when one walks into a strong leadership market , one has  the following choices , continue slow growth which might be  happening , defend against attacks or  go for accelerated growth , go for bust against the attackers ,there by set a new wave of growth !

Here is an account off the approach taken to set the new wave of growth .

Start Listening to your Partners /Trade /last mile warriors-- ACT

common feedback was that there was no connect with brand and trade , high handiness  and frequent changes in policies was a given , this was not a great a situation to be in , and had to change , we must have done atleast 150 or more trade , distributors and last mile warriors( salesmen)  meets for recognition , feedbacks etc in the past 2 years , trying to build back confidence , slowly .

Pricing was perceived to be premium -- PLAY PRICING …